EDGE troubleshooting - placing the unit into default mode

The EDGE has two operating modes, fully functional and default. The EDGE’s default mode is effectively a factory safe mode. In default mode, no configured applications are running. Port 2 and the Ethernet port are open to accept downloads. If there is a problem downloading to the EDGE or getting the EDGE to boot, the goal is to get the unit into default mode so it can be reconfigured.


To force the EDGE into default mode, press the reset button 5 times leaving 1 second between presses. The Heartbeat will blink twice as fast when in default mode. While in default mode, the PC server on port 2 will be available to accept a limited set of commands. The baud rate for this port is forced to 115200.



If the EDGE will not go into default by pressing the reset button, do the following: 


  1. Set the node setting DIP switch (SW1) to 0 (all off).
  2. Press the reset button once. Wait for it to boot. It should enter default mode. If it does not boot at this step, the unit’s flash is corrupted, contact DAQ for RMA information.
  3. Once the unit had booted to default mode, connect your PC to port 2 and open Calterm 2 (or equivalent terminal program). Set terminal program to 115200 baud rate. Press enter until you see PC-2> prompt.
  4. Set the node setting DIP switch (SW1) to 1.
  5. Enter “reboot –d” into the terminal program. Press enter. The EDGE will reboot and return to default mode.
  6. Create a simple configuration in Callistoview with only PC server. Download the simple config to the EDGE unit.
  7. Once the download is complete the EDGE will boot to fully functional mode and will be ready to accept a download.