IoG3 communications gateway - information sheet

Providing the full benefits of DAQ IoE3 communications technology, the IoG3 remote serves as an automation gateway processor for the Callisto™ network, managing information received from intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) as well as data from other Callisto nodes, all while adding a new layer of security to your SCADA system. Operating in a stand-alone configuration or in conjunction with other Callisto nodes, the IoG3 supports communication with multiple master stations and offers powerful data processing applications, including programmable logic and SOE recording. Built-in security features include remote authentication, secure passwords, encrypted protocols (OpenVPN, HTTPS, SSH, SFTP), firewall protection, and syslog event management. Connected to an Active Directory authentication system, the IoG3 provides logging for audits.

The attached .pdf document provides an overview of the IoG3 communications gateway:

  • general description
  • key features
  • technical specifications
  • protocol support