DNP3 Client Accumulator Maximum Count Explanation

The RTU stores accumulator points as 32bit values, which rollover at 4294967295 . If you have a device where the roll over value is less than 32bits full scale (4294967295) but you want the accumulator to be reported with a 32bit roll over value you will set the maximum count to the roll over value of the device. For example, I have a device with a roll over value of 9999  but when I map this point to my server application I want the roll over to be 4294967295. I will set the Maximum count to 9999. When the device accumulator goes from 9999 to 0  the value stored in the database which the server sees will go from 9999 to 10000. The database value will eventually rollover at 4294967295.


If you want to store exactly what is read from the device set the maximum count to 4294967295 (32bit full scale).

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