IoE1 communication processor - technical guide

The IoE1 Callisto Processor is a communication module. It has four serial communication ports, when used with CallistoView, capable of communicating to master stations, IEDs, Meters and/or Relays. Utility applications such as Event Recorder and connection to serial printers are also supported. Serial Ports can be connected to other external media communication formats/devices, such as Digital Radios, Audio Radios, Digital Modems, Analog Modems, FiberOptic Converters or Serial to Ethernet Adapters. Digital and Analog Modems could be used in Dedicated Wire or DialUp applications.

Each IoE1 is designated a unique Node Address (jumper link on DX10, DXC15 and/or DXC21 Motherboards). 

The attached .pdf document provides technical information on the IoE1:

  • general description
  • serial ports
  • jumper links
  • LEDs
  • major components
  • drawings and photos