Capacitor bank controller - technical overview

The function of the Capacitor Bank Controller is to allow capacitor switches to open or close with as little disturbance on the power line as possible. To do this, the switch must close at the voltage zero crossing and open at the current zero crossing.

The controller consists of three printed circuit boards: a controller board containing the logic and manual control panel, a switch driver board providing the high power drivers required to drive the solenoid, and a suppression assembly to protect the controller and driver board from any transients that could affect status feedback and the output drivers from any inductive spikes from relay coils.

The attached .pdf document provides technical information on the capacitor bank controller:

  • capacitor bank controller board
  • capacitor bank driver board
  • board drawings

Also attached is a general capacitor bank controller overview.

Note: the complete Callisto RTU manual can be found in the knowledge base article entitled "Callisto RTU - technical guide".


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