Polaris board - technical overview

The Polaris board forms the core of a powerful pole mount or distributed substation RTU for the Callisto series of remotes. Unlike the IoX processor node boards (IoA1, IoC1, etc.), the Polaris does not interface with a motherboard. Instead, the Polaris plugs directly into its own termination board. The Polaris combines the functionality of the IoC1, IoD1, and the IoE1 modules: it is capable of handling 16 status/accumulator inputs, four select/check trip/close control outputs, and up to four communication ports.

The attached .pdf document provides technical information on the Polaris board:

  • general description
  • links
  • I/O interface
  • LEDs
  • board drawings
  • technical specifications

Also attached is a general Polaris overview.

Note: the complete Callisto RTU manual can be found in the knowledge base article entitled "Callisto RTU - technical guide".