Callisto motherboards - technical overview

The Callisto series of processing node boards communicate with each other and their host node over an ArcNET network. The IoX processing nodes (IoA1, IoC1, etc.) within a single, physical RTU interface to the LAN and their power source via a motherboard. There are three Callisto motherboards: the DXC10, which is capable of directly interfacing 10 IoX processing node boards, the DXC15, which can accommodate a total of 15 boards, and the DXC21, which can accommodate 21. Motherboards are mounted to the rear back plane of a standard EuroCard bin of 10, 15, and 21 positions, respectively. The IoX processing node boards slide into the card bin and interface to the installed motherboard.

The attached .pdf document provides technical information on Callisto motherboards:

  • general description
  • links
  • connections
  • I/O interface
  • board drawings
  • technical specifications

Note: the complete Callisto RTU manual can be found in the knowledge base article entitled "Callisto RTU - technical guide".