IoE2 serial processing node - technical overview

As the second generation serial processing node for the Callisto series of remotes, the IoE2 carries four serial data ports, and an IP Ethernet connection. Serial ports may be physically presented as either RS-485 or RS-232 circuits. Communications options supported include both byte and bit oriented protocols. When used to replace or upgrade an IoE1, a Bell 202 modem may be plugged into port 1. The IoE2 may be utilized for serial data exchange with master station(s), intelligent meters, relays, or other intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) distributed across the Callisto system. Like all Callisto boards, the IoE2 utilizes ArcNET technology and DAQ Voyager protocol to interface to the internal high speed LAN.

The attached .pdf document provides technical information on the IoE2 serial processing node:

  • general description
  • links
  • connections
  • termination board I/O interface
  • LEDs
  • board drawings
  • technical specifications

Also attached is a general IoE2 overview.

Note: the complete Callisto RTU manual can be found in the knowledge base article entitled "Callisto RTU - technical guide".