IoC1 command processing node - technical overview

As the command processing node for the Callisto series of remotes, the IoC1 controls up to 32 command relay outputs, which are configurable for 16 on/off pairs with select-check-execute protection, 16 latch/reset relays, or as 32 direct operate commands. Direct operate command output points may be controlled individually or in four parallel blocks. Momentary command pulse durations are user-definable on a per point basis. Controls can also be utilized for a Raise/Lower function, with the output relay operate time loaded as part of the command message.

The attached .pdf document provides technical information on the IoC1 command processing node:

  • general description
  • links
  • connections
  • termination board I/O interface
  • LEDs
  • board drawings
  • technical specifications

Also attached is a general IoC1 overview.

Note: the complete Callisto RTU manual can be found in the knowledge base article entitled "Callisto RTU - technical guide".