Download > All - multi-node RTU download error in CallistoView - cannot detect specific node


  • When downloading to a multi-node RTU system using the Download > All command, an error message indicates that a specific node cannot be detected




Check the voltages, such as the 5 volt that goes through the terminal, to determine if any are shorted.


There are a total of four terminal blocks and one connector located on the rear of the DXC10 Motherboard. The purpose for each of these connections is as follows:


Voltage connections can be routed to either TB1 or TB2. Two terminal blocks are provided for convenience and are located at opposite ends of the motherboard.


TB1 & TB2

Terminal Position Voltage

1 GND (0VDC)

2 + 5 VDC

3 - 12 VDC

4 + 12 VDC


Terminal block, TB3, allows for an external Arcnet connection to one or more motherboards, or RTUs. The pins on the terminal block identified as followed:



Terminal Position Signal

1 Arc-

2 Arc+

3 Txend

4 0 VDC