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Where can I get the latest version of CallistoView?


The latest version of CallistoView, DAQ’s sophisticated RTU configuration package, can be downloaded directly from the DAQ corporate website: at any time. However, due to the sensitive nature of many of our SCADA-related solutions, the CallistoView download file resides in a password protected area.

For customers who have already been granted access to the download section:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click the Login link 
  3. Enter your username / password and click the Sign in button.
  4. Logging in will bring you to the Callisto portion of our resource center. You will have access to the three sections contained within this area - software releases, user guides, and product information.
  5. Click on the Software Releases link. The CallistoView download is the first item in the available software list.

To apply for access:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click the Apply for Access link
  3. Fill out all required fields in the Request for Access form and click the Submit Form button (please use your corporate e-mail address, as addresses from free, web-based e-mail services such as,, etc. will not be accepted).
  4. After a security review period, you will receive your login details (username and password) via e-mail. To download CallistoView, please follow the steps listed above for customers who have already been granted access to the download section.
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